About the Site

I'm still figuring out what this is going to be.

Probably, some of the following will be involved:

  • I make music, and I like music a lot
  • I Have a Gender and Pronouns and I think about it sometimes
  • I like cooking and finding and modifying recipes
  • I like crafting and making artistic things with my hands
    • I'm learning to draw and paint, as well
  • I have ideas for fiction writing (mostly fantasy and sci-fi in various iterations)
  • I both love and hate computers and touching them
  • I have various mental health struggles (and some victories)
  • I have some communist political ideas (but I am also a dipshit)

About Alexi

I'm still figuring out what I am going to be.

Right now, I’m a nonbinary dishwasher, writer, electronic music artist, and web developer. I’m trying to get into video game development, working on a multi-media sketchbook (pen, marker, watercolor, colored pencil, etc.), and working on various knitting, among other planned or in-progress projects.

I have a lot of ideas and opinions, and many of them are likely to be silly or foolish and some are absolutely so. My political ideas skew communist, progressive, and worker-oriented. My religious ideas are heavily influenced by lysergic acid diethylamide and schizophrenia. My aesthetic ideas include vampires, moss, and neon.