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Just Some Updates

I have just a few updates since my last post so this’ll be nice and quick.

First, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Artist’s Loft sketchbook I use isn’t actually great for watercolor on a continuous basis. It’s very easy to overwork the paint and small details don’t hold up very well. The first few paintings I was doing came out very well, because the art style was pretty simplistic and I wasn’t using a lot of layering. Unfortunately that’s not the only kind of style I’m trying to work with (I’m still exploring different styles because I’m not very good and don’t have my own style yet!) so the paint isn’t gonna really work all the time. I think maybe for simpler one-off type projects it should be okay, but for more complex pieces I’m going to stick to marker or try to explore colored pencil.

Also, I’ve started (slowly) working on a new project: I’m handmaking sketchbooks that I’ll be selling on Etsy if they come out well. I don’t have an ETA on the first batch yet, but they should hopefully be available by the end of February. They’ll have dark green covers and perpetual dated pages (each two-page spread will be a week long) for people to use as perpetual journals if they want. (Subsequent batches will have different details.)

Finally, I’ve been working a ton so I haven’t had a lot of energy or opportunity to do much else. But I’m making that money and hope to use it for some fun things in the future, including more supplies for making sketchbooks and journals. And, of course, paying my bills, haha. So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to!