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Post-Holidays Wrapup

Hello and welcome to the end of the holidays that I celebrate (barring New Year's of course)! My gift giving and receiving has gone fairly spectacularly, I believe. I do have a friend who is still awaiting his gift from me bc the first place I tried to order it from was out of stock, but I found it somewhere else and it should arrive by year's end so I'm happy with that.

I have run through the entirity of Tubi's Columbo catelog in under a month which I think is pretty impressive but I was also sick home from work for several days during this time so that's probably a factor.

Aside from finding and making gifts for my pals, I've been spending a lot of my time working, and playing Dwarf Fortress. (Which the Steam release is responsible for a lot of my remembering to play it, I have not purchased it [yet]; I play using the Lazy Newb Pack which is very good imho.)

I'm pretty much just chugging along. Still knitting, still sketching and painting, still evolving.