Alexi Davis

pretty weird, pretty wired

Mostly a to-do list

I'm just gonna talk with myself through the things I want to do with this site. It keeps changing ha ha but that's okay.

  • figure out a least painful way to setup image-posting potential
  • figure out what to put in the footer
    • and the sidebar, for that matter
  • tags? "tags"?
    • figure out the difference between tags and categories
      • I'm still not convinced there is one except perhaps in individual practice
  • work up the css for bigger-than-mobile screens (make the sidebar be on the side for instance)
  • figure out if I intend to stick with this color palette (I'm pretty sure I do, but I have also been known to be very mercurial about these things)
  • most importantly: actually post stuff on it!

And that might be it. (But probably not.)